8 Different Ways to Camp in Your RV: Which One Will You Try?

man and woman camping in front of RV trailer while boondocking

RVs have been around for over a century, and they’ve only become more popular in recent years. There are now different types of RV camping styles to choose from, so you can find the perfect fit for you and your family.

Will you try dry camping, boondocking, or rv campground glamping, or something in between?

Read our RV Term Glossary if any of that sounded like nonsense to you (you’re not alone)!

Let’s dive into our list of the 8 different styles of camping in your RV so you can decide which camping experience you’ll try next!

The 8 Different Ways to Go RV Camping

1. Camping with Full Hookups (FHU)

Camping in a campground is the most common way to camp in your RV. Having FHU is when you set up camp at a campsite that where you can connect directly to fresh water, electric, and sewer. You’ll most often find full hook-ups at a public RV park, RV resort, or a private campground.

2. RVing with Partial Hookups

As you may have guessed, camping with partial hookups is means you only have part of your whole hookup system available to you. Now whether you have access to electricity and fresh water, or only electricity, depends on the campground you are staying in. Partial hook-up are most often seen in state or national parks.

When RV camping with partial hookups means you will not have a direct sewer line. Most campgrounds offering partial hook-ups have a what is referred to as a “dump station” where you can take your RV or your portable”turd tote” to dump your black (sewer) holding tanks.

3. Boondocking in Your RV

Boondocking usually means camping without a single hookup. When boondocking you’ll need to rely on your RVs fresh water and hold tanks. Additionally, you’ll likely be in need of a power source such as a generator to go RVing or a solar panel set-up for your RV.

Boondocking is usually free but you will find some state and national parks that offer paid RV sites without any hook-ups.

Boondocking with a great view looking out of the back of a camper van

4. Primitive Camping Out in the Wild

For some people, this term is synonymous with boondocking, as it involves camping far away from civilization and others. This goes without saying, but hookups are not included. People generally refer to primitive camping when staying in National Forests or on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land.

5. Dry Camping Without Water or Sewer

Is a term used when camping without water or sewer hookups. This could be at a state park, like Fort Frederick State Park in Maryland, a national park, a parking lot, or even a Harvest Hosts or Boondockers Welcome location, etc. 

6. Wallydocking in a Walmart Parking Lot

Well known among RVers, Walmart (aka Wally World), sometimes offer a place for RVers to stay overnight. It involves parking in a Walmart parking lot overnight, usually towards the back of the parking lot away from the main entrance of the store. You’ll need to ask for permission as every Walmart and state regulations are different as to whether they allow overnight parking or not.

7. Moochdocking on Your Friend’s Property

If you have a friend or family member near a place you’d like to stop, consider asking to park your RV on their land or in their driveway overnight. This type of camping, called “moochdocking,” is usually free, but you will want to be respectful and considerate of your hosts. If they offer hookups, it’s a good gesture to offer compensation, even if they decline.

8. Workamping

A type of exchange where RVers receive a free place to park (often with utilities) in exchange for completing tasks around the campground or other contract work. A small amount of pay may also be included.

Which RV Camping Style Will You Try Next?

There are many different styles of RV camping to choose from, depending on your needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a more rustic experience or want all the amenities of home, there’s an RV camping style for you.

So get out there and try something new – you might just find your new favorite way to camp!

Happy RV Camping!

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