5 Top Rated RV Sewer Hose Storage Options

The common RV sewer hose storage option of RV bumper hanger being used by an RVer
Finding a great RV sewer hose storage option can be challenging.

RVing is a great way to live fulltime or get out and explore the world for a weekend. However you prefer to camp in your recreational vehicle, you’ll need to choose a RV sewer hose storage option for your RV’s sewer hoses and accessories.

Even the best camper sewer hoses typically do not come with storage options included. This means, you’ll need to store your “stinky slinky” with what you already have on hand (think “trash bag”) or consider building or buying a specialized sewer hose storage solution for your camper.

With so many storage options for RV sewer hoses commercially available, it can be hard to know what which way is the best way to store your RV sewer hose in your camper. To help solve this problem, we will explore the top rated RV sewer hose storage ideas that are sure to make your storage decision easier.

The Best Options for RV Sewer Hose Storage

Idea #1: Wall Mounted Rack

A wall mounted rack is a great RV sewer hose storage option. This type of system fits easily onto the side of your RV, allowing for easy access and convenient storage. The rack can be securely mounted to the side of your RV, so it won’t move around or get in the way while you’re driving.

It’s also a great way to keep your sewer hose safely off the ground and away from potential damage from weather or pests. Plus, it’s very space efficient and doesn’t take up much room on the outside of your vehicle.

With this storage solution, you’ll have quick access to your sewer hose when you need it and peace of mind that it’s stored safely out of reach.

Idea #2: Portable Container

One of the top RV sewer hose storage solutions is a portable container. This is an ideal option for those who are looking for a reliable way to store their sewer hoses as it allows them to easily transport the container from one place to another. These RV sewer hose storage bags are made of high-quality materials that can resist wear and tear, ensuring your hoses will remain intact for years of use.

Additionally, these container come with a secure lid that prevents unwanted pests or mess from escaping the inside and keeps your hoses safe from spreading possible contaminants. Moreover, these portable storage containers may have additional compartments so you can organize your hoses and accessories according to their length, type, or frequency of use.

The portability makes this storage solution perfect for those who are always on the move and need a secure place to store their sewer hoses while they’re away from home.

Idea #3: RV Bumper Hanger

A great way to store your RV sewer hose is with an RV bumper hanger. This sewer hose storage option allows you to easily hang the hose on the back of your RV’s bumper.

The hanger is designed to fit securely and not move around, which helps keep the hose away from any potential damage or clogs. Plus, it also makes it easy to access the hose when you need it.

The hanger can be made of durable plastic or metal material and comes in a variety of sizes so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly. And since you don’t have to put the hose away after each use, it saves time and effort when storing your RV sewer hose.

Idea #4: PVC Pipe Storage

If you are interested in do-it-yourself RV sewer storage, there are many DIY stinky slinky storage options. The PVC Pipe DIY RV sewer hose storage idea is a great way to keep your RV’s sewer system neat and organized. The idea involves using PVC pipe to store the hose, which can be mounted on an exterior wall of the RV.

Building a sewer hose storage tube is a great way to ensure that the hose stays off the ground and away from dirt and debris. Not only does this keep your RV looking tidy, but it also makes it easier to access the hose when you need it. Just be sure to include an RV sewer hose storage door.

You’ll need some basic tools and supplies, such as PVC pipe, screws, drill bits, sealant, and mounting hardware. With these materials, you can easily build a quality storage system for your sewer hose that will last for many years of use.

Idea #5: Underbody Compartment

Storing your RV sewer hose in an underbody compartment is a great way to keep it out of sight while traveling and to keep it easily accessible when you need it. This choice for RV sewer storage also helps protect the hose from the elements and potential damage that could occur if it was left exposed.

An underbody compartment can usually be found near the back of the RV, and typically has enough space to fit a 15-20 foot sewer hose. Keeping your sewer hose tucked away in an underbody compartment is a great way to ensure its longevity and help preserve your investment for years to come.

How We Store Our RV’s Sewer Hose and Accessories

Storing our RV’s sewer hose and accessories, along with our camper’s sewer system, has and continues to be an ever evolving process as we travel full time in our fifth wheel. We will likely make some changes and upgrades to the current way we utilize our RV sewer hose storage options as we travel on but for now what we have is sufficient to our needs and preferences.

We have three 10 foot RV sewer hoses, a cloudy white RV sewer hose Y-adapter, and a clear 90-degree elbow, and RV sewer hose caps. We also have one Valterra twist-on waste valve for RVs, campers, and trailers (which we highly recommend)!

We typically store part of our hose in a sewer hose storage pipe underneath the RV. Our sewer hose carrier came already installed on the used RV we purchased. We love it! We are definitely considering purchasing or possibly making another in the future.

The rest of our camper’s sewer items, like connectors, adapters, and caps, are primarily stored in up-cycled plastic storage bins near or in our Grand Design Reflection’s wet bay. The wet bay is near the main RV sewer components and hook-ups. This makes accessing our RV sewer hose storage bins and setting up our RV’s sewer system at campsites much more convenient.

Which RV Sewer Hose Storage Option is Best for You?

When it comes to RV camper sewer hose storage, there are several different options to choose from. The best option for you will depend on the size and type of your RV, as well as your own personal preferences.

Some popular choices include storing the RV sewer hose in a special compartment in the camper, using a RV sewer hose storage tote to transport the hose, or simply rolling up the hose and stowing it away in your basement storage when not in use (by the way, that last option is not recommended).

Depending on how often you plan to use the hose, it may be beneficial to invest in a more heavy-duty storage solution such as the sewer storage tube installed under your RV. However, if you only plan to camp in your RV occasionally, then you should be just fine using a more economical option.

When first starting out RV camping, RVers have been known to use the cheapest RV sewer hose storage option available of a heavy duty black garbage bag. (Honestly, any storage container – large garbage bag included – is better than simply rolling up your hose and tossing it in the underbelly of your RV).

How Do You Store Your RV’s Sewer Hose?

Having a proper camper sewer hose storage system is important to keeping your RV clean, sanitary, organized, and free of RV sewer smells and undesirable contaminants.

Whether you choose a simple sewer storage compartment, a dedicated sewer hose holder, or choose to build your own sewer hose storage option or DIY storage area solution – there are many options available to fit your budget and RV camping preferences.

We hope this article has helped you find the best RV sewer hose storage option for you. How do you plan to store your RV’s sewer hose?

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