RV Essentials: 13 Items for Your First RV Camping Trip

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What RV Essentials do you need for your first RV trip? Whether you are planning to RV as a weekend warrior or RV part-time or full-time, there are certain RV supplies you will want to make sure to bring along. Figuring out what you need for your first trip can be overwhelming. There is a lot of advice and suggestions out there on what is essential for your first RV trip .

Below are 13 RV items we believe to be absolutely essential for your first RV trip and beyond. Regardless of whether you are a weekend warrior or plan to RV part-time or full-time, this list covers the items you need to have a successful trip. Fortunately, there are many stores to buy RV essentials.

RV Essentials List: Top 13

1. Sewer Hose – let’s get the smelly out of the way first. Depending on the type of RV you have, if you have a toilet that feeds into a blank tank, a sewer hose is an absolute must. You will use an RV sewer hose to dump (no pun intended) your sewage.

Rhino Sewer Hose

2. Fresh Water Drinking Hose and Water Filter – Your ordinary garden hose just will not do. In order to avoid harmful chemicals leeching from your hose into your drinking water, you must use a hose that has been approved for drinking water. There are several brands and types out there but the one most recommended is the Zero-G water hose. It’s a flexible, no-kink, water hose that is very light weight and perfect for RV life. Additionally, you’ll want to grab a water filter, you never know what you’ll get coming through those pipes!

Zero G Water Hose is an RV Essential

3. Water Pressure Regulator – Always check with your RV’s manufacturer but most require that the water pressure is between 40-60 PSI. And, just in case you were wondering (like I was), PSI stands for “pounds per square inch.” If you run water through your RV that is higher than what is recommended you risk water leaks and damage to your pipes. You will need a water pressure regulator to ensure that your water pressure is kept at an optimal level.

Water Pressure Regulator

4. Chocks and Leveling Blocks – These are such a funny thing to say but chocks are necessary to keep your RV from rolling away. Just be sure to remove them before you go to tow your camper when you leave. Leveling blocks are needed to level out your RV when your campground is uneven. Leveling blocks are primarily used for your leveling jacks but can also be used to for your wheels if needed.

Rubber RV Chocks
Lynx Levelers

5. Tire Pressure Gauge – Tire blow outs are a real thing and can be pretty scary. One of the best ways to minimize potential tire blow outs are to make sure that your tires are the right tires for your vehicle and camper. A basic tire pressure gauge is sufficient to check your tire pressure before moving your camper.

Tire Pressure Gauge for RV

6. Lug Nut Wrench – In the event that you need to replace a tire, it is important to have bring along a 4-way lug nut wrench. Keep in mind that the lug nuts on your trailer may not be the same as those on your vehicle, so be sure to carry the appropriate size for your vehicles.

4-Way Lug Nut Wrench

7. Surge Protector – To protect your RV electrics. (prevents a surge of electricity running through your RV and causing damage. If there is not enough power, it will cause a drain on your RV supplies). You want one that will shut power off if a surge happens after it is has originally passed. You will need to determine if you need a 30 Amp Surge Protector or a 50 Amp.

RV Surge Protector 30 Amp

8. Fire extinguisher – Check the fire extinguisher in your RV! The absolute worst time to discover that your RV’s fire extinguisher is no longer working is when you actually need it to put out a fire. As a back-up, there are fire extinguisher cans available as well that are always good to keep on hand.

9. Emergency Road Side Kit – In the event of a road side emergency, it’s a great idea to bring along a roadside emergency kit. A kit that includes things such as jumper cables, a tow rope, reflectors or flares, etc. is more than sufficient.

RV Emergency Roadside Kit

10. First Aid Kit – Bringing a first aid kit almost goes without saying. A first aid kit is essential to address those minor scrapes, burns, and bruises that you may experience while camping.

First Aid Kit

11. RV Toilet Paper and Holding Tank Treatment – Make sure that you are using RV safe toilet paper. Regular residential toilet paper is more likely to clog your black tank system or interfere with the blank tank sensors. Also, you will need holding tank treatment for the black tank. This holding tank treatment will help to ensure the tank is able to flush properly and minimize potential issues. This treatment comes in both liquid and tablet forms.

RV Toilet Paper

12. Spare Fuses – You never know when a fuse may blow and need to be replaced. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the middle of the night in a remote area without replacement fuses. Fortunately, these fuses are inexpensive and do not take up much space!

13. RV Mobile GPS App – Nothing ruins a camping trip faster than ripping off your ac unit or damaging the roof of your camper because there wasn’t enough clearance. A typical GPS that you use for your car or truck may lead you down a road that doesn’t have sufficient clearance for your camper. Make sure you download an RV mobile app or pre-map your travel plans to make sure that roads you take will accommodate your camper.

These RV essentials should set you on the right track for preparing for your first RV camping trip regardless of whether you have a travel trailer, fifth wheel, Class A, or Class C, etc. If you are wondering how to pay for all of the items you need for the items you’ll need to RV without breaking the bank, check out our post that outlines where to sell your unused items.

What RV Supplies Do You Bring?

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