Best 5 RV Black Tank Rinsers to Flush Your Holding Tanks

RVer searching for best holding tank rinsers for his RV
It’s not hard to find top rated RV tank rinsers to flush your camper’s black tank.

Are you looking for the perfect RV black tank rinser to flush your RV’s holding tanks? Then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll discuss what RV holding tank rinsers are, why you should consider using one, and the different types that are available to suit your preferences as an RVer.

What are RV Black Tank Rinsers?

Rinsers for the grey and black tanks of your RV can be used help to keep your holding tanks clean by clearing out clogs and stubborn odors.

Tank rinsers can be considered an essential part of maintaining a clean and efficient RV wastewater system. As with improper care or not using the right black tank treatments, black tanks can be especially tricky to keep clean and free from clogs.

The Two Types of RV Black Tank Rinsers

Indoor RV Black Holding Tank Flushers

An indoor RV tank rinser typically consists of a long, hose-like nozzle that is connected to the RV’s freshwater supply line. To rinse a tank with a hose flusher, you will spray fresh water down your RV’s toilet.

Outdoor Black Tank Flushers for Your RV

The outdoor black tank flush option typically consists of an attachment for your RV’s dump pipe opening that connects to your RV sewer hose. These attachments have an additional opening to connect with your water hose. This allows you to shoot water directly into your RVs holding tanks or sewer hose to rinse them.

Why Use an RV Black Tank Rinser?

RV black tank rinsers are a great tool for almost any RVer. They work to keep black holding tanks clean and free of solid waste, making it easier to maintain your tanks. 

Just know that you must dump your black tank first before you can rinse it. So, be sure to ONLY use a rinser in the black tank AFTER you have dumped it.

By using an RV black water tank rinser, you can flush out any residue, dirt, or other materials that may be stuck in your tank. If the solid wastes are not cleared out on a regular basis, they can mess with your RV’s tank sensors so that you no longer have any idea how full your tanks actually are.

This will ensure that your tank is working properly and efficiently without having to worry about clogs, like the dreaded “poop pyramid”, or other problems that can occur from RV toilet waste buildup.

So in hopes of avoiding the dreaded “poop pyramid” here are the most recommended RV tank rinsers for the best way to clean and flush your black tank.

Top 5 RV Black Tank Rinsers

#1 Camco RV Flexible Swivel Stik

The powerful rotary cleaning action of the Camco RV Flexible Swivel Stik is able to dislodge and flush out any stubborn waste deposits and odor-causing particles that may be left behind.

We haven’t tried this RV tank cleaning wand, but other reviews have reported that this tank rinser wand has saved them a lot of hassle and mess. And the tank wand comes highly recommend for anyone who owns an RV and wants to rinse their black tank in private!

#2 Camco Tornado Rotary Tank Rinser

The Camco Tornado Rotary Tank Rinser is an excellent tool for cleaning the hard-to-reach surfaces of your camper’s tank walls. It has a powerful, 360-degree rotating head and multiple high-pressure nozzles to make the job easier.

I especially appreciate the 6-foot exterior access hose and spacer for cleaning in tight spaces. The rinser is also very easy to install and use, making it a great way to clean your RV’s black water tank.

#3 Valterra Flush King

The Valterra Flush King works great for rinsing your RV black water tank. The 360-degree swivel and pre-installed fittings make for a secure connection without any leaks. Plus, it’s clear walls allow you to see when the water runs clear so you know when you’re done rinsing your black tank.

The anti-siphon valve and back flow preventer are great features for keeping your RV’s fresh water supply safe if you are using just one hose. Though, we would highly recommend you use a dedicated black water hose for any black tank rinsing, just to be on the safe side.

The angled shape is also helpful for easy draining. Installation was reported to be quick and easy with most RVers reporting few issues with this RV flush valve.

#4 Camco Rhino Blaster Sewer Tank Rinser

The Camco Rhino Blaster Sewer Tank Rinser is easy to use and the direct jet allows for a powerful water stream to rinse and flush RV sewer systems quickly. The bayonet swivel fitting makes it easy to attach and detach, and the breaker keeps dirty water from back flowing into the water hose. Plus, the clear elbow allows you to see exactly what’s going on so you know when your black holding tank is clear of solid waste.

#5 Camco RV Dual Flush

The Camco RV Dual Flush sprays water into my RV sewer lines to help clear out any clogged pipes and has a two-way jet so it can flush in both directions. It is also very easy to use, holds a decent amount of water, and helps to easily rinse your sewer hose.

The two-way jet of this black tank flusher sprays water into the black tank and sewer hose from the same connection. This allows you rinse both your tank and your sewer hose at the same time. This rinser is probably better suited for someone who is RVing full time or very frequently.

What Rinser Will Use to Flush Your RV’s Holding Tanks?

In conclusion, an RV’s black tank needs to be flushed regularly in order to keep it running smoothly. Even using the best camper sewer hose and some of the most frequently bought sewer hose accessories for an RV, you’ll still need to rinse and flush your RVs black tank regularly… like after every single time you dump.

With the right tank rinsers, most RV campers can easily flush their black tanks on their own. You really can’t go wrong with most Camco products, including their RV sewer accessories.

Rinsers provide a great option for those who are looking for a powerful and easy-to-use device to flush their RV’s black tank quickly and effectively. Not only does it create a more efficient experience than simply using your RV’s hose port for rinsing, but it is much easier than other methods of flushing an RV’s black tank.

So, what type of RV black tank rinser have you tried? Which one do you plan to use?

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