5 Reasons to Choose a Fifth Wheel RV

family choose fifth wheel night camping
Many families choose a fifth wheel for RV camping due to their large size

If you’re thinking about purchasing a 5th wheel but aren’t quite sure, we outline the top five reasons you should choose a fifth wheel RV for your next camper.

What is a fifth wheel RV?

A fifth wheel camper is a type of RV that is designed to be towed by a heavy duty truck or tow vehicle. It gets its name from the fact that it has a fifth wheel hitch that mounts to the bed of the truck.

Fifth wheel campers are typically larger and more luxurious than other types of RVs, and they offer a variety of features that make them ideal for longer trips or RVing fulltime.

Top Reasons to Choose a Fifth Wheel RV as Your Next Camper

1. More Living Space

If you’re looking for an RV with more space than a traditional camper or drivable RV, a fifth wheel. You will find that 5th wheels have plenty of room for storage, living, and sleeping.

Additionally, most fifth wheels also have multiple slide-outs or areas that expand out from your trailer once you have parked, making your living space larger. This gives you even more space to spread out and enjoy your RVing experience.

2. More Storage Space

Fifth wheels also provide much more space for storage both inside and outside the vehicle.

This is because fifth wheels have a larger footprint and are taller than other types of trailers. This means that there is more space for things like cabinets, closets, and shelves.

And, since fifth wheels are typically parked in one spot for longer periods of time, this extra space comes in quite handy for 5th wheel living.

3. More Stable Towing

RVers who are used to towing RV trailers find that 5th wheel trailers offer much more stable towing when compared to a travel trailer. This is due to the type of tow hitch used by fifth wheels.

The 5th wheel hitch is attached to the truck bed at the center point of the axle, rather than at the back of the truck.

As such, your fifth wheel is much less likely to experience trailer sway, fishtail or jackknife because the weight of the camper is evenly distributed over the axle of the truck.

4. More Like “Home”

Fifth-wheel trailers have a lot to offer RVers in terms of comfort and convenience.

For one, they tend to be more spacious than other types of RVs, which makes them feel more like home.

Additionally, they typically have better amenities, such as full kitchens and bathrooms, which make them more comfortable to live in for extended periods of time.

5. No Car Required

Since fifth wheels are towed, you do not need to bring along an extra vehicle as your daily driver like you do with large class A motorhomes.

This makes them ideal for those who want to enjoy the RV lifestyle without having to tow a trailer or drive a separate “daily driver” vehicle for RV camping trips.

Is a Choosing a Fifth Wheel RV Right for You?

Are you considering a fifth wheel for your RV camping trips or to live in full-time?

There are many things to consider before choosing to buy a fifth:

Are you looking for a full-time home on wheels or a temporary home away from home? 

A 5th wheel is a great choice because you can use it as a temporary home away from home or a full-time residence. Many 5th wheels are easy to set up and take down in almost any campsite or RV park, so you can use it for weekend getaways or extended vacations. 

How much space do you need for RV camping?

Fifth wheel RVs vary widely in size, from small models that are little more than glorified camping trailers to large models that are essentially homes on wheels. Think about how much space you’ll need for sleeping, cooking, relaxing, and storing your RV essential camping supplies.

What kind of features do you want in your recreational vehicle?

Most fifth wheel RVs have a kitchen and dining area, sleeping space for at least two people, storage areas for clothes and other items, and a bathroom. Some models include extras like outdoor grills and wet bars.

Do you want to be able to stand up straight inside?

If you want to be able to walk around inside without ducking all the time, look for a fifth wheel RV with a high roof. If you want more luxury features, look for models with higher-quality construction and nicer decor.

If you are not sure if a fifth wheel is right for you, consider renting an RV camper before you make a purchase.

Did You Choose a 5th Wheel Trailer?

In conclusion, there are several reasons to choose a fifth wheel RV over all other RV types.

They are spacious, with plenty of head room in the main living spaces, feel more like home than other RVs, and are safer to tow than travel trailers.

With so many benefits, it’s hard to imagine reasons why you shouldn’t choose a 5th wheel RV. (haha) However, there is no perfect RV to choose from so there’s no denying that fifth wheels do have some disadvantages over other types of campers.

That being said we full-time RV in a Grand Design fifth wheel and we love it thus far. If you’re planning on spending extended time in your RV, a fifth wheel is a good option.

Did we miss any other reasons to choose a fifth wheel RV? Do you love fifth wheels or hate em?

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