Our Story

Hi! Welcome to Dreams Built In!

How the Dream Began

We are Ian and Mel. in We sold our belongings, our cars, and our house. Bought a truck and an RV. Then we hit the road. Learning how to navigate towing an RV, homeschooling, and living life on the road all at the same time. To say it was intimidating is an understatement!

Who We Are

Ian & Mel

While searching for the meaning of life, we found each other, broke all the rules and decided to live a life with dreams built in!

Lea and Eli at Campsite

Lea & Eli

Lea is full of life and keeps us all on our toes. Eli is a creative thinker. Both have jokes for days to keep us laughing!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will your children go to school?

They will receive their instruction from a mix of curriculums that we put together and online instruction to fill in any gaps.

2. Did you really sell everything to travel full-time?

Just about. We are currently in the process of selling the majority of our belongings and plan to leave important items with family.

3. How can you afford to live this way?

Through multiple streams of income such as part-time jobs and real estate investments as well as keeping our living expenses down.

4. When do you plan to return to normal life?

Everyone gets to decide what a “normal” life is. That being said, we plan to travel full-time until it no longer fits or feels right.

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